Effect of Day-Care on Schizophrenic and non-Schizophrenic patients.

2002年World Psychiatric Association(WPA)にて「Effect of Day-Care on Schizophrenic and non-Schizophrenic patients.」というタイトルで口頭発表を行いました。

Objective: Many of day-care targeted schizophrenic patients in Japanese Hospital. However recently day-care is requested non-schizophrenic patients, and effects of day-care on them are not clear. This paper aim compare to effect of day-care on schizophrenic and non-schizophrenic patients.
Methods: 27 day-care patients consist of schizophrenic (S group, N=19) and non-schizophrenic (non-S group, N=8, e.g. social anxiety disorder, mood disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder) were assessed daily life of disabilities by staffs using Life Assessment Scale for Mentally Ill (LASMI). It were assessed 2 times interval 6 month after day-care.
Results: No significant difference in both groups at LASMI's subscale. There are significant positive correlations of LASMI's subscale with day-care in S group, but it's not shown in non-S group.
Conclusions: S group improved in their daily life by day-care, but non-S group is not so. We must revise our day-care to cope with their various mental disorders and social needs.